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The Perfect Roommate Does Exist.

Roommate units fit seamlessly into any décor and provide the ultimate application flexibility. Units are completely self-contained, easy to install, and operate off a standard 115V power outlet for year-round whisper quiet comfort…no refrigerant lines, no outdoor units, and no major construction to contend with. Units are efficiently controlled via remote control or through its built-in Wi-Fi Smart Life app.

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What is Roommate?

Its not a “mini split”, its not a “PTAC”. It’s a micro-heat pump / unitary system that provides permanent spot heating and cooling - solving a lot of problems and eliminating a lot of headaches through a comfort prescription!

It’s practical. It’s easy to install. It’s low maintenance.

Mini Split

  • No Fresh Air Circulation
  • Refrigerant Lines
  • Outdoor Units Required
  • Low Noise level
  • Low Aesthetic Impact


  • Fresh Air Circulation
  • No Refrigerant Lines
  • No Outdoor Units
  • High Noise level
  • High Aesthetic Impact

No large cutouts, PTACS require an average cutout of approximately 42”x16” in size.

No refrigerant lines, mini-splits require refrigerant lines run to an additional outdoor condenser requiring not only additional electrical needs but also additional space.



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