The Perfect Roommate Does Exist.

The Roommate is a self-contained high efficiency “micro heat pump” capable of heating, cooling, dehumidification, and fresh air circulation all in one compact footprint. A completely packaged unit, Roommate requires no outdoor condensing unit and plugs into a standard 115V* outlet.
No refrigerant handling, no custom wiring or piping, no extensive renovations. The quick and easy solution for the ultimate indoor climate control with extreme application flexibility.

No refrigerant handling, no custom wiring or piping, no extensive renovations. The quick and easy solution for the ultimate indoor climate control with extreme application flexibility.

Simple to Design, Engineer, Install, and Maintain

  • Simple Installation
  • Compact Footprint Minimal Clearance Requirements
  • Environmentally Friendly Design
  • Maximum Comfort with Minimal Architectural Impact
  • Wide Capacity Range (up to 12,000 BTU/h)

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Features and Benefits


- 1,000 – 12,000 BTU/h

- Heat / Cool / Dehumidify / Circulate

- DC Inverter Compressor

- Variable Speed Fan

- R32 Refrigerant

- 115/1/60

- 2.5 Pints/hr Dehumidification Capacity

- Silent Operation with “Quiet” Mode

- Self-Evaporative Function with Energy Saving Technology

- LED Operation Status Display

- On/Off Timer

- Remote Control

- WiFi Smart Life App

- 7.25" (184mm) Intake/Exhaust

- 1-Year Parts and 3-Year Compressor Warranty

No Outdoor Unit!

Asset 7
  • Space Saving - no mechanical room, rooftop, or exterior equipment needed
  • Plug and play 115V - Standard Outlet
  • No Line-sets
  • Preserve aesthetics of building’s facade
  • Simplifies installation and reduces costs

Eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant

Asset 8

Next-gen R32 refrigerant offers increased efficiencies and greater capacities utilizing less overall total refrigerant volume.

  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP = 0)
  • Low Global Warming Potential (GWP = 675)
  • Meets AIM Act Regulations

Easy to Design, Install & Maintain

Asset 9
  • No refrigeration handling required
  • All refrigerant comes factory-sealed and remains self-contained within the unit
  • No brazing, vacuuming, pressure testing, or leak detection
  • Compact footprint with minimal clearance requirements

Smart Life App

Asset 10

Smart Life is a secure smart device management app to control and manage smart home products easily and conveniently. Compatible with Android and Apple platforms.

High Efficiency Through-the-Wall Indoor “Micro” Heat Pump

Asset 1

All season operation with heating, cooling, dehumidification and fresh air circulation.

Asset 2

Roommate can be configured by either remote control or using the Smart Life WIFI control app.

Asset 3

Units have a self-evaporative condensate removal system. (Units still require a condensate drain as a failsafe)

Asset 4

Aesthetically pleasing compact, durable design offers application flexibility with minimal side clearance. Units can be painted to match any décor.

Asset 5

High efficiency inverter compressor with variable speed fan for quiet comfort and extended equipment life.

Asset 6

Air is directed through an electronically controlled air louver for optimal distribution.

Specifications and Performance


CoolingCapacity RangeBTU/hr1000-12000
Efficiency RangeEER (BTU/W)5-13
Ambient Temp Range°F (°C)23-110 (-5 - 43)
HeatingCapacity RangeBTU/hr1000-12000
Efficiency RangeCOP (W/W)1.76-4.69
Ambient Temp Range°F (°C)5-110 (-15 - 43)
Fan Motor ExhaustA0.7
Fan Motor SupplyA0.15
Compressor MotorA4.9
Factory Chargelbs. (kg)0.55(0.25)
Power InputW25
High Speed (Heat/Cool)CFM282/311
Medium Speed (Heat/Cool)CFM247/277
Low Speed (Heat/Cool)CFM194/194
Sound (at 3meters)MaximumdBA46
Speed RangeHz30-80
DimensionsNet Dimensions (D x W x H)inch (cm)8 x 40 x 23 (21 x 102 x 59)
Shipping Dimensions (D x W x H)inch (cm)13 x 44 x 26 (33 x 112 x 66)
Net Weightlbs. (kg)94 (43)
Net Weightlbs. (kg)107 (49)


Heating Chart
Cooling Chart


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